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A novel dual-hormone insulin-and-pramlintide artificial pancreas for type 1 diabetes: a randomized controlled crossover trial. Diabetes Care.

1 March 2020
The artificial pancreas is a new technology that automates insulin delivery based on glucose sensor readings and an algorithm that determines the insulin dose. While the artificial pancreas has been shown to decrease hypoglycemia compared with pump therapy, hypoglycemia still remains a significant concern. This trial compared a rapid insulin-alone artificial pancreas with a regular insulin-and-pramlintide, and a rapid insulin-and-pramlintide artificial pancreas system in adults with type 1 diabetes (T1D). Pramlintide is a hormone that is co-secreted with insulin in healthy individuals, but which people with T1D do not secrete. It helps to suppress glucagon secretion and increase the feeling of fullness at meal times. This dual hormone artificial pancreas would use an algorithm to provide automated administration of both insulin and pramlintide. The study found that a rapid insulin and pramlintide artificial pancreas improved glucose control, in particular during the day, compared with the rapid insulin-alone artificial pancreas among study participants.
  • Haidar, Ahmad, Michael A. Tsoukas, Sarah Bernier-Twardy, Jean-Francois Yale, Joanna Rutkowski, Anne Bossy, Evelyne Pytka, Anas El Fathi, Natalia Strauss, and Laurent Legault.