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Blunted circulating irisin in adults with type I diabetes during aerobic exercise in a hot environment: a pilot study.

13 February 2020
Irisin is a newly discovered hormone that is released by the muscles during exercise and is known to increase metabolism. This research team wanted to look at the difference in irisin levels between adults with and without type 1 diabetes (T1D) during exercise. The adults participated in a one-day exercise program consisting of one 30-minute cycling session for baseline, and three, 30-minute cycling sessions each increasing in intensity. Blood samples were taken at the end of the baseline session and at the end of the individual’s most difficult exercise level. The irisin levels did not change between baseline and exercise for people living with T1D but increased during exercise for people without T1D. It appears that creation of irisin in the body is reduced during exercise for those living with T1D, informing further research into future treatments of T1D.
  • McCormick, James J., Sean R. Notley, Jane E. Yardley, Ronald J. Sigal, and Glen P. Kenny.