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Bone mineral density in patients with longstanding type 1 diabetes: results from the Canadian Study of Longevity in Type 1 Diabetes

1 November 2019
It is currently unclear if longstanding type 1 diabetes (T1D) affects bone density. This study looked at the bone density of participants in the Canadian Study of Longevity in Type 1 Diabetes, who have all lived with T1D for more than 50 years. The researchers found no difference in bone mineral density between those with long-standing T1D and those without. However, women with T1D had higher bone mineral density and also higher fragility factors. This opens up further questions for study around bone fragility in women with longstanding T1D.
  • Alhuzaim, Omar N., Evan JH Lewis, Leif E. Lovblom, Marina Cardinez, Daniel Scarr, Genevieve Boulet, Alanna Weisman et al