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Closing the gap: results of the multicenter canadian randomized controlled trial of structured transition in young adults with type 1 diabetes

1 June 2019
The transition from pediatric to adult care is often challenging for young adults with type 1 diabetes. This can result in poor diabetes management, missing appointments and high A1C levels. This research project looked at whether or not a structured transition program, including the additional support of a Certified Diabetes Educator throughout the process, would lead to improvements in clinic attendance, glycemic control, satisfaction with care and quality of life. The 205 study participants were randomly assigned to the structured program or the standard program. Over 18 months, both groups attended three pediatric visits and three adult visits, with the structured group receiving specialized support throughout. Those in the support group showed improvements in clinic attendance, satisfaction with care and decreased diabetes distress. However, 12 months after the intervention ended these benefits were not sustained. Further study needs to be done in a larger population in order to see if transitional support can lead to sustained benefits.
  • Spaic, Tamara, Tracy Robinson, Ellen Goldbloom, Patricia Gallego, Irene Hramiak, Margaret L. Lawson, Janine Malcolm