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Exploring patient preferences for adjunct-to-insulin therapy in type 1 diabetes.

Canada-wide + Worldwide
1 September 2019
While add-on therapies to insulin have been studied widely in type 1 diabetes, little is known about patient preferences. In survey form, this study provided more than 700 patients with information about six hypothetical drug choices and their risks and benefits. The results showed that even without knowing which drug combinations they were considering, the risk of DKA was most important to patients. Based on the risks and benefits, the patients surveyed favoured a low-dose sodium-glucose cotransporter inhibitor (SGLTi)/insulin option over all others presented. Currently, SGLTi treatments are available to treat type 2 diabetes and have not been approved in North America for type 1 diabetes due to increased DKA risk at higher doses.
  • Perkins, Bruce A., Julio Rosenstock, Jay S. Skyler, Lori M. Laffel, David Z. Cherney, Chantal Mathieu, Christianne Pang et al