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Fitness and physical activity in youth with type 1 diabetes mellitus in good or poor glycemic control

1 February 2015
People with T1D may experience poor muscle health due to chronic hyperglycemia (high blood sugars). However, the muscle function of children with T1D has not been studied. This research project aimed to assess the muscle-related fitness of three groups: children with T1D and good glucose control, children with T1D and poor glucose control, and those without T1D. All children in the study had similar levels of overall fitness. The researchers found that children who had good glucose control did not show signs of impaired muscle function, and had no differences in muscle-related fitness when compared to their peers without diabetes. Children with T1D and poor glucose control did show signs of altered aerobic muscle capacity. However, all three groups were similar in terms of short-term muscle power. This study shows the need to further research the impact of poor glycemic control on muscle function in those with T1D.
  • Nguyen T, Obeid J, Walker RG, Krause MP, Hawke TJ, McAssey K, Vandermeulen J, Timmons BW