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Implementation and evaluation of a diabetic ketoacidosis order set in pediatric type 1 diabetes at a tertiary care hospital: A quality-improvement initiative

1 July 2019
Most hospitals in Canada have developed their own standard set of orders that can be administered automatically when a child with DKA arrives in the emergency room. This helps to ensure nothing is missed or varied in a busy hospital setting. In Saskatoon, they did not have an order set for pediatric DKA at the Royal University Hospital. Seeing the potential to improve care, the health care providers who were stakeholders in treating DKA in patients worked together to create one, using the established guidelines and protocols. This study looks at the results of the implementation of this process, which found an increase in physicians using the order set and, as a result, improvements in how they managed pediatric DKA cases.
  • Flood, Kayla, Munier Nour, Tanya Holt, Vicki Cattell, Carla Krochak, and Mark Inman