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Lag time remains with newer real-time continuous glucose monitoring technology during aerobic exercise in adults living with type 1 diabetes

1 June 2019
Continuous glucose monitoring (CGM) devices help patients closely monitor blood sugars and adjust treatment appropriately. This leads to a lower risk of hypoglycemia, improved A1Cs and improved quality of life. However, there have been concerns raised about lag time for CGM reporting during longer durations of aerobic exercise. The participants in this study did three sessions, each including a 60 minute aerobic exercise activity, followed by a standardized meal 30 minutes after exercising. The results showed that even when using a newer model CGM, there was a significant lag time in CGM readings compared to self-monitoring of blood glucose. Because of this, the team suggests that people with type 1 diabetes using a CGM be aware of and alert to the risk of hypoglycemia during and after exercise and perform more frequent finger stick monitoring.
  • Zaharieva, Dessi P., Kamuran Turksoy, Sarah M. McGaugh, Rubin Pooni, Todd Vienneau, Trang Ly, and Michael C. Riddell.