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Muscle Oxygen Supply and Use in Type 1 Diabetes, From Ambient Air to the Mitochondrial Respiratory Chain: Is There a Limiting Step?

1 January 2020
This study explored oxygen pathways and type 1 diabetes. The study looked at 16 people with uncomplicated T1D and 16 people without T1D. The test subjects participated in an exercise activity and then had a muscle biopsy the next day so the researchers could study oxygen supply from the cellular level, as well as in the lungs. This allowed the team to look at the oxygen pathway from all levels. They found that early damage at the cellular level can have a negative impact on aerobic fitness.
  • Heyman, Elsa, Frédéric Daussin, Valerie Wieczorek, Robert Caiazzo, Régis Matran, Phanélie Berthon, Julien Aucouturier