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Patient Perspectives on the AGP Report

3 August 2022
The Ambulatory Glucose Profile (AGP) is a standardized, single-page report that demonstrates glucose patterns captured from data collected by continuous and flash glucose monitors. The purpose of this study was to survey people with type 1 diabetes to understand how they use their AGP report to manage their diabetes, the level of knowledge they have about their AGP report, their attitude towards this technology, and any barriers or support they have while using this technology. This online survey found that there may be few barriers to the use of the AGP by people with T1D, with exception of the cost of the devices. Facilitators for the use of the AGP include motivation and support from both family and health care providers. Facilitating discussion between health care providers and patients may be a strategy to improve the use and potential benefit of the AGP.
  • Mackett, K.