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Risk factors for recurrent diabetic ketoacidosis in adults with type 1 diabetes. Canadian journal of diabetes

1 October 2019
Diabetic Ketoacidosis (DKA) is a dangerous complication of type 1 diabetes. Despite prevention efforts, many patients have recurrent DKA, which is potentially fatal and also presents a large cost to the health care system. This study used medical records and administrative data to look at the risk factors for recurrent DKA among Canadians. The study found that non-adherence to insulin therapy was the main risk factor, with a diagnosed mental illness being another potential risk factor. Drug and alcohol abuse were also seen as a factor in some cases. Of note, people who used insulin pumps had recurrent DKA episodes less often.
  • Del Degan, Sophie, Frédérique Dubé, Claudia Gagnon, and Geneviève Boulet